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Statement on President Trumps DOJ comments

We continue as a nation to drive wedges between our political parties. The discord in Washington only gets worse. Bi-partisanship is a lost thought. The Republican party continues to slam items through that vastly affect low income  families. They continue to allow MILLIONS of children to go without health care that they were responsible for ending. 

The democrats are doing no better. The continue to spend their days complaining about the republican leadership. I have done that myself. But they have the power still to force things to happen. They could have allowed the Federal Government to shut down without funding it to force Republicans to reinstate childrens health care, but they did not. 

President Trump has insulting and attacking the integrity of our Judicial system. The integrity of our FBI and legal system is sound. We have checks and balances in place to catch and correct problems. It has worked very well for more than 200 years. Yet Trump wants us to believe they are corrupt and out to get him. 

President Trump is acting very unstable and unbecoming a President. Presidents to not bait and attack others on social media. Presidents do not argue policy and diplomacy on social media. This is only the 5th of January and it already seems like a year. Our justice system will prevail as it has always done. I give my unwavering support of our Justice system and the FBI. I believe the police, sheriffs and all others in law enforcement and firefighters and EMTS do one hell of a job. Volunteer or paid you guys are the best thank you. 


Michael Frend

Committee to Elect Michael Frend
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