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Michael Frend addresses the pending shutdown of Feb. 8th

Our elected officials have deserted the people instead bowing to the almighty dollars of corporate and lobbyist donations. Republicans and Democrats alike are about to send us headlong into a shutdown of our government. This one has the potential to last weeks or more. We did not just get to this point. It has been brewing for many months and neither side has been adult enough to step up and do what is best for the nation. We live in a world that is full of uncertainty.Yet we don't run from our elected duty just because we don't agree.
During the last shutdown in order to fund the government until the 8th of February concessions were made. CHIP was funded for 6 years. This was a travesty to begin with. Republican leadership allowed this to expire months ago and refused to reinstate in until now. The children were the losers at the expense of irresponsible grumpy old men who can't seem to get along long enough to work out a bipartisan budget deal. It was also agreed that DACA would get to the floor to have open discussion to work out a long term solution. President Trump has made sure that won't happen. Trump said there will be no DACA deal without funding for his wall. The wall is not needed and is a waste of taxpayer money. His 25 Billion dollars he wants to spend on the wall could hire 35,000 teachers for the next 20 years or provide free housing for 39,000 homeless veterans for 80 years or provide health care for 3 million low income families for the next ten years. Trump himself has stated the illegal entry into the US is down over 70%. If that is true then simply the wall is not needed.
President Trump needs to stop acting like a teenage bully. Always talking someone down. That is not diplomacy or the art of negotiation. Saying crying Chuck Shumer caved in the budget deal is not a way to get democrats working towards a common goal of funding our government. In fact it does just the opposite. Mr. President, if you think for one minute that forcing a shutdown to get your way will be blamed on the democrats you are sadly mistaken.
The people are tired of partisan politics poisoning our nation. Regardless of your party, you are elected to represent all of the people not just the people of your party. I, like many others are tired of Republicans doing everything without including the democrats. I am also tired of the Democrats doing nothing but complaining. You are paid fairly well to sit your tails down and work this stuff out. If you are unable to do that, then the American people will do it for you in November.

While we sit around bickering about funding our government, we continue to fall behind in the world. We no longer offer the best schooling, the best health care or the safest environment. Global warming and climate change now go unanswered as what protections we did have are dismantled.

Michael Frend - Independent
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6th Congressional District of Virginia

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