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How do we fix the school shooting issue

In the week since the children in school shooting lost their life the NRA is finally starting to pay a price. Several businesses that offered discounts to NRA members will no longer and a major US bank will no longer issue a NRA MasterCard . This is just the start. These kids will not be silenced until something is done to curb these shootings and we find a way to keep the children safe. Arming the teachers is not the answer. Nor should they be asked to shoot the children they teach. Also if teachers are armed and police get there it is possible almost likely one could be mistaken for a shooter. More guns in close proximity to our children is not the answer. 

Trump can use the money for wall and that will more than cover entrance metal detectors in every school in America. That's a start to the answer to this problem. Keeping the guns out of schools in the first place is the answer. Metal detector in every school and an armed guard at the detector is a strong deterrent . Spend the wall money to protect school kids not window dressing for the border.

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