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GOP loses majority in Virginia

Yesterday a single vote changed the course of Virginia politics. Your vote really does matter and that is the proof. One single vote can and did change the power of politics for a whole state. 

The GOP has lost touch. They have lost their moral high ground. They operate for special interest lobbyists, the NRA and corporate money.  They have let the power of money steer them wrong. Yesterday's change of power with more recounts to come should be a wake up call. 

We need the elected officials to be for the people not for the corporations or for those who donate large amounts of money. We the people vote not corporations and that GOP is why you have lost your morals and majority.

Now we intend to do the same in Congress.  I may be an independent but the GOP is our worse choice.  The democrats also need a better plan for the future. Don't just try to stop Republicans you need to be bipartisan or get out of town. It's time to work together or find another job.

Merry Christmas to the great people of Virginia.

Michael Frend 

Committee to Elect Michael Frend
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